The Broadest Hispanic
Dairy Product Portfolio


We are experts in developing a wide portfolio of deli and dairy products from any Hispanic origin (Mexican, Central American, Caribbean) and at the price that meets your diverse customer needs. We will help you win in the Hispanic dairy products market and minimize your risk by providing you valuable insights based on our extensive experience gained creating a brand of our own.

Product development

We have a wider portfolio of products and a higher ability to develop new ones than all the other Hispanic dairy co-packers. We can provide you with products you need to win at retail both in the deli and dairy, with Hispanic and mainstream consumers from all regions.


Even among Hispanics, tastes vary between Mexican, Caribbean and Central American people, so customization is necessary to appeal to these different groups. We can replicate authentic recipes that will appeal to native palates of all Hispanic origins so you can serve a larger market.

Business opportunity

We can offer you a wide variety of both deli and dairy products so that you can maximize your business opportunities in the Hispanic dairy category.

Quality formulations

We can produce products at any desired quality level from above premium, to premium and below premium. We give you the ability to compete in any market segment you choose.


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