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The power and influence of the Hispanic population in America today is tremendous. At 54 million strong and growing, with $1.5 trillion in buying power this prized consumer is shaping the future of the food industry.

This is why marketing Hispanic dairy products constitutes a terrific opportunity with both Hispanic and mainstream consumers that are being influenced by Latinos and are adopting Latino purchasing habits, beliefs and attitudes. The opportunity to build your Hispanic dairy brand can be quite lucrative. But trying to develop and produce your own brand is incredibly difficult and expensive this is why it is critical that if you want to start your Hispanic dairy brand you need to partner with a great Hispanic dairy co-packer like Nuestro Queso. We can help you enter the Hispanic dairy market much more quickly, easily and at much lower costs than if you tried to go it alone starting from scratch.


Nuestro Queso is the Go-to Hispanic dairy co-packing and private label manufacturer for top brands and retailers for a number of reasons:


No Capital Investment

We provide the plant, equipment, manufacturing, packaging and shipping needed to complete your orders so you don’t have to invest in capital.



We have mastered the art of manufacturing dairy products that Hispanic consumers love! Our success is built on our focus in this market.


Manufacturing Efficiency

By hiring Nuestro Queso you get access to the best Hispanic dairy products in the nation. We concentrate on manufacturing responsibilities–food safety compliance, quality, automation, processes—while you focus on sales, marketing and promotions.

Our expanded plant capabilities allow us to produce any type of cheese in the largest quantities. Our plant is highly efficient with unique capability to do mixed product cases, shreds, new products and much more.


Packaging Development

We not only can produce your products we can also develop and design your new packaging so that you can focus on your business. A number of leading retailers and brands trust us with their brands and products.


Product Development & Innovation

We have the widest portfolio of Hispanic dairy products in the industry and the ability to develop new innovative SKUs. To win at retail both in the deli and dairy, with Hispanic and mainstream consumers from all regions you need a wide portfolio of products from different Hispanic origins (Mexican, Caribbean and Central American) and innovative products your competitors don’t have. Nuestro Queso can provide you with both a wide product portfolio from all key Hispanic origins and innovation something others can’t match.


Location, Location, Location

Our Midwest location gives us great advantages that bring value to your business. It provides us easier access to milk and shorter travel times from the dairy to the plant which translates to fresher tasting final products. Also the shorter travel times reduce your freight costs and shipping times.


Safe and Trusted Supplier

We are a safe and trusted Hispanic dairy products supplier. At Nuestro Queso we adhere to the highest standards to ensure product quality and safety. To protect the quality and safety of our products we rely on our quality assurance lab with experienced technicians and specialists.

Our plant is a world class dairy SQF level II certified manufacturing facility for branded, co-packing, and private label products. SQF is a global food safety initiative program, it is the gold standard for food safety from farm to fork.


Control Your Own Destiny

We can create your private label brand so that you can control your own destiny and build your brand over the long term so you don’t have to depend on manufacturers. With your own brand you can control the promotions you do, the brand you develop the new products you launch and you’ll build sustainable value for your company.


Great Prices

We provide you with the best value for your money in the industry. Our competitive pricing will allow you to make your new brand very profitable in the marketplace.

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