Manufacturing Capabilities



Our expanded plant capabilities allow us to produce any type of cheese in the largest quantities. Our plant is highly efficient with unique capability to do mixed product cases, shreds, new products and much more. Centrally located in Kent, IL.


Product Innovation

We help you develop new products or improve on existing ones. We have deep insights into the Hispanic market which enable us to identify innovation opportunities. We can take your idea to finished product on shelf quickly and with the highest quality.



We can design your packaging from scratch or adapt your existing artwork to your new product packaging so it will stand out in the shelf.


Research & Development

Our HispanIc cheese makers and our recipes are the best and most authentic in the business. Our Hispanic dairy products R&D capabilities are unmatched in the industry.


Service & Flexibility

We can offer a flexible variety of customized products and services to satisfy your needs across the Hispanic Dairy category with cheeses, sour creams, yogurts, and other dairy products from concept to shelf.

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