Welcome to Nuestra Cocina®, where we provide the freshest, highest quality Hispanic products!
With four lines—Nuestra Cocina for, among other products, processed meats, desserts, creams and yogurts; Nuestro Queso Talavera for our artisan cheese line; Nuestra Cocina Talavera for other gourmet Mexican non-cheese products; and Nuestro Queso, our original brand, for all other cheese products—our mission is to provide delicious Mexican/Latin American food for every stage of American lives with our diverse products manufactured with only the highest performance standards.

Authentic Cheeses, Creams, Smoothies & Yogurts, Meats, and Desserts

Discover our Talavera Line

Mexico’s Finest Tradition

We set out to conceive an iconic cheese line that reflected the best of Mexican artisanship, authenticity, tradition and quality. A cheese line that delighted the senses and touched people’s hearts. In a trip to discover the richness of Mexico’s artistic tradition, we found Talavera Pottery and we were deeply inspired.


Waffled Fried Cheese
Bancon Cheese Sticks
Mexican Mac & Cheese
Breaded Panela
Sweet Capirotada
Carne Asada Cheese Tacos
Cactus Salad
Hawaiian Pizza
Chicken Roll
Ham & Cheese Tortas
Mexican Melted Cheese
Cactus Huaraches
Grilled Chili Flap Steak
Chicken Tinga Tacos
Sopa Purepecha
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